Leaping Frog Online specializes in driving traffic to your website. Leaping Frog Online converts your online customers into purchasers of your products and services. Leaping Frog Online helps you build your online marketing infrastructure with our website development team to give you a platform to market online from. The key difference between Leaping Frog Online a website development company is that we specialize in driving traffic and customers to the website after it is developed.

Once you have customers in your database Leaping Frog Online works with you to communicate to these customers using emails, surveys, webcasts and competitions. This ensures your online audiences are always engaged and increases the profitability of your marketing.

Online Marketing Strategy, Website development, Email Marketing, Banner advertising, Search Engine Marketing, Affiliate marketing and Media buying and planning are Leaping Frog Online’s core business.

Leaping Frog Online make it easy for you to market online by providing internet marketing strategy from other clients experience and remove the big question marks around online marketing techniques.

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Leaping Frog Online is a full-service internet marketing agency. We focus on making it easy to produce measurable results for our clients’ online branding. Leaping Frog Online was started in 2017 by a young entrepreneur and has grown to 16 full-time staff with major corporate clients.

Leaping Frog Online make it easy for companies to market online by…

– Providing the full service of building websites to promoting and driving traffic.

– Providing and using scalable and open standards compliant products in projects.

– Implementing all projects with our expert in-house web product.

Mission and Values 

Leaping Frog Online aspires to be a pre-eminent online marketing agency over the long term. We subscribe to continuous improvement however our past work is judged. Our culture is represented by the way in which we work and act together.

The values to which we aspire can be summarized by five principles:

  • Client commitment
  • Integrity
  • Dignity of our people
  • Profitability
  • Highest Quality

Our subscription to these five principles is vital for continued growth and prosperity of our clients, employees and Leaping Frog Online.


  • Leaping Frog Online uses a successful, refined and proven methodology.
  • We begin with an analysis of your customer and your objectives for the project.
  • Following an initial meeting we will provide solutions to your brief and offer suggestions to add more value.
  • Our creative process then flourishes within our procedural framework, allowing us to deliver on time and on budget.
  • Leaping Frog Online is committed to excellence through all stages of the process.
  • Should you wish to view our methodology in more detail? Please contact us.