Affiliate marketing is like a mirage in desert for the most of the bloggers. Of course, everyone wants money and affiliate marketing can make you a handsome amount. But why I am saying it a mirage; because about 90% of the bloggers fail in their purpose.

So, what to do? Well, I have something to share that can boost your affiliate marketing income. However, these are very small things but worth a lot.

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Let’s see where you may be lacking:

Understand Your Readers

First of all keep everything apart and think for a while and put yourself in your readers’ shoe. Well, after a while you will get to know what you should serve as a blogger to your audience. Before, putting your fingers on keyboard your mind should have clear concept; what you are going to write. You are required to put your best efforts because there is no shortcut for success.

Choose Products Wisely

Now, next point to consider is the product; you are going to promote. You should know everything about the product before promoting it on your blog. Promoting reliable products increases your overall credibility. You are selling the products therefore if you want to stay in business for a long time then you should sell quality products only. Don’t go with higher commission and low quality products.

Your Personal Recommendation is Valuable

As a credible blogger, you need to recommend products wisely. Review the products and promote them through each possible way available. Here my personal advice, if you recommending or reviewing any product then you should try it out first. And yes, your review should not focus on only positive points; keep the balance.

Ad Positioning

Ad positioning is a very important aspect. Well, first of all you should research the top performing keyword for your homepage. Now, display a header banner on that niche. Also, you can put banner ads on the top of your posts but they should be relevant for better conversion. Also, the top right space is the best converting place for ads. And as usual, you can give text links as well.

Affiliate Marketing tips

Be Contextual while Putting Ads

It’s a good idea to put the direct product ad, despite promoting a category or home page of an affiliate site like Amazon. Don’t waste visitors’ time and your money; just display the contextual product what your visitor may need at that moment. Remember, if there is more time involved then visitor may change his mind therefore strike at the right moment.

Don’t Put all Your Efforts in Single Niche

Diversify the subjects on which you are blogging. If you have different niches on same blog then you can earn good. First think on which particular niche stream you are with your website then research different products and micro-niches which you can apply. Now, write on different things under your particular niche limits and take the benefits of multiple marketing.

Go with Other Revenue Generation Methods

Affiliate marketing isn’t only one and single way for making money online. There are lots of different ways as well. Try them out as well. It will increase your ways of income and also you can test which one is performing well for you. Later on you can pick some and drop non-performing ways of monetization.

Don’t Play with Readers’ Loyalty

Well, you can easily make fool someone for once only and then you will lose him forever. So, don’t play with your credibility for the sake of some bucks if you want to play for a long time.

Track Your Performance

Don’t forget to track the performance of each individual affiliate product you are promoting. Analyze the performance and build your future strategies accordingly.

Finally Traffic

Last but not the least! Without traffic you are just a looser so work on targeted traffic and increase your overall income through affiliate marketing.

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