Financial Independence & The Dot Com Lifestyle

Have you ever wondered why there are so many people out there who are highly qualified but are in a state of bankruptcy, why a formula one driver earning millions of dollars a year goes bankrupt while a cab driver retires in a state of financial freedom? In this article, we shall discuss about this ironic phenomenon and an alternative laptop lifestyle that shall leave you with financial freedom for the rest of your life.

What exactly is “Financial Freedom and Laptop Lifestyle”?

For the most of us, we have been trained in a certain way to think about money from the day we were born. We have been told by our elders that, in order to earn a good income we need to study well and gain high qualifications to succeed in life but then how are a vast majority of the richest and successful people in the world not even college graduates. Moreover, if you consider the source from which such profound wisdom is given to you, chances are it comes from people who are not quite well of. They can be your parents, grandparents or relatives.

So, why would any smart person buy the advice of someone who hasn’t been able to back it up? This is why you need to listen to the winners and follow their advice to lead the laptop lifestyle!

Well, since you are reading this article, you have already taken the first step so read on and follow:

Financial freedom is the kind of freedom that an individual attains when he has 3 other types of freedom, the freedom of time, money and location. If you can choose your hours of service, choose the location from where you want to offer that service and have enough money to fulfill most f your desires then you are an individual who has “Financial Freedom”. Mind you, we are not talking about barely fulfilling our needs. So, you or your elders may be making ends meet and may have managed to support your education but that does not mean they are financially free!

Laptop Lifestyle

How to gain financial freedom through Laptop Lifestyle?

It all starts from making a decision, a decision so firm and strong that nobody’s words will ever make a change in your plan of action. Of course, it will be tough just like any change is initially and this is a change of mindset. When you have been mentally programmed since birth to believe that people who earn a lot of money are corrupt or that you have to be very well educated to earn large sums of money, it will take some time and effort to undo all that you have learnt through the years to truly embrace your new perspective on money and life in general.

For “YOU” to gain financial freedom, you will need an opportunity. Opportunity comes from awareness. Did you know that there are innumerable opportunities coming your way every second of your life? You need to open your eyes and ears to seek them.

You can follow the conventional way of earning your monthly income just like everyone else only to find that you are not financially secure at the time of your retirement. So, why has your superior knowledge led to inferior results?

If you want to avoid such fate then you will have to turn your life around and head towards the laptop lifestyle that will give you the life of your dreams. Want to learn how to, then shift your focus from looking at unsuccessful people to your heroes. The successful people, the game changers!

There is a new buzz word when it comes to lifestyle these days and the term is “The Dotcom Lifestyle”:

This is the kind of lifestyle that most successful people are living these days and you as the outsider seem to perceive it as driving fast sports cars, having a big bungalow and going on expensive vacations around the world. Now, all of this is true but there is much more to it and in how to achieve this lifestyle.

Living the Dot com lifestyle is about having all 3 types of freedom as mentioned earlier. There are many people who are very wealthy but do not have the time to enjoy their wealth. There are also many people who have enough time on their hands but cannot really make anything of it because they do not have the means. You will come across some people who have both time and money but cannot afford to leave the location they operate within. Living the Dotcom lifestyle will give you all of it!

Most people believe that income is wealth but it is NOT! Say you earn a million dollars per annul from your current job. This may appear like a large sum of money to you but what if you lose your job due to some unfortunate reason and stay unemployed for a stretch of 4-5 years. You will exhaust all that you have earned with the snap of a finger and even worse, will land up in debt. If you are a creative person who has a deep reservoir of ideas then you can put those ideas to good use and become an online entrepreneur. This way, the seeds you sow will only yield crops for you then you won’t need to worry about securing your mundane job.

What Exactly is Wealth?

To fully know that income is not equal to wealth you will need to know what exactly is wealth? Wealth is the capital you generate over time which would be the amount left when you subtract your liabilities from your assets. It is this capital wealth that serves as the cushion or financial margin that gives rise to your financial freedom. If you are a talented and creative individual then you can use a part of this capital to facilitate your ideas as an online entrepreneur and if you are not that smart then you can at least serve as a producer and fund a person who does have such lucrative ideas but may not have the means to put them into practice. For this you will have to have the talent of spotting the right horse and betting on it.

It is this alliance with such valuable and like-minded people that is actually your wealth since you do not have to put your labor into it cultivating your crop. Imagine the rewards you will be receiving on a continuous basis if you succeed at this. Moreover, you will have the privilege of expanding your empire by building your alliance as time goes by. Unlike a job, you can’t get fired and will be making millions while sitting on the beach in Hawaii.

If you had a job and got disabled as a result of a mishap, your life would be doomed but if you adopt this laptop lifestyle, it does not make a difference because even your grandchildren will be receiving checks in the mailbox long after you are gone.

If you followed the conventional path and chose to become a lawyer or a doctor, you would have to study and gain a high qualification and years would pass by before you would actually be able to practice. Once you would begin to practice you would have to wait every month for your paycheck after rendering your service. With the Dotcom lifestyle, you can start right now and enjoy your youth to the fullest while expanding your estate on a continuous basis.

What readers need to understand is that financial freedom is a time bound privilege:

To know how long you are financially free would be to consider how long you can support your current lifestyle without receiving another paycheck. The length you shall be able to do so is the period for which you are financially free. If the length is not long enough, you better get going!

So, to break free from this vicious cycle one needs to create a money-making mechanism, a mechanism that involves your expertise but not your labor. This is important to offer you the time and location freedom as well. The greatest fast food brands operating all around the world today started as a single unit food joint in some state and it took a real visionary to spot the greatness in the recipe and the commercial viability of the food joint then came funding it and making it a household name and opening up franchises all across the world.

Today, the top fast food brands have a turnover of tens of billions of dollars a year. Do you think the founder of the brand is literally going and looking into the operation of each of these franchises? He is sitting by the pool and enjoying the fruits of his expertise while his employees are taking care of his business.

Financial Freedom

Tips to gain financial independence and living the Dotcom lifestyle

  • It is a well known fact that opportunity is that guest who can knock on your door at any time. So, when it does you must be well prepared to embrace it or else it will walk away. To leverage any opportunity you need to have savings. In time these savings will serve as surplus funds that will come handy while making investments. Therefore you must save a major portion of your income to set aside as capital.
  • Since accumulating wealth is a slow and steady process one needs to be patient and take baby steps every single day. You need to find ways to generate extra income and invest in shares with high dividends. Do not be disheartened if you make a few mistakes along the way because it is a learning process and you will get better with experience.
  • Make it a point to save up on the interest, dividends and capital gains earned since this will in turn earn you interest on the interest earned which is a compounding process. This process is so essential in raising capital since $10,000 can turn into $2, 890,000 over a span of 50 years at 12% rate of interest.
  • Learn the art of placing your money in all the right places so that you end up paying minimum tax. Tax matters a lot, even more than you may think. Learning to manage your taxes can determine whether you will be somewhat well to do or obscenely rich!
  • One of the most crucial tips to gaining financial independence is to make sure that you are doing what you love doing most. If you love music and have the talent to become a musician then your chances of being successful would lie more in that field. Becoming a software engineer surely won’t make your life worthwhile since every day will seem like a drag. If you do what you love doing then it won’t seem like work and you will get up each and every day from bed and do it with passion. Success comes only to those who do what they do with passion so do what you are best at and what you love. This will inevitably make a huge difference to your financial status as well.
  • Clear your mind of the myth that superior qualifications bring about results. IT companies never has been so and it never will. The only way to succeed financially and career wise is to gain specialized knowledge. Every day is an opportunity to learn. If you adopt an attitude to constantly learn then you will always stay up to date and will find yourself easily having the upper hand over your competition. Moreover, compete with yourself and not others. Strive to be the best version of yourself and this will show off in the quality of your services which will lead to better financial results.

So, diligently follow these simple yet super effective steps to yield the financial results you truly deserve. Remember, discipline pays off in the long run so lead a disciplined life and choose a like-minded life partner who will support you through thick and thin. This will only help you reach your goal of financial independence and the Dotcom lifestyle rather easily.