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  • Forbes

    While there is no way to accurately predict the future of social media, there are several, fundamental best practices to help keep brands and their social media ...

  • Slate

    “Social media seriously harms your mental health,” reads model Delilah Belle's iPhone case, captured in a mirror selfie that also highlights her artificial nails, ...

  • Axios

    For years, Facebook and other social media companies have erred on the side of lenience in policing their sites — allowing most posts with false information to ...

  • Popular Science

    The statement sounds official, but it's actually just the latest iteration of an internet chain letter that won't do anything to protect your privacy.

  • CNBC

    The research suggests platforms should remove smaller hate groups to weaken the larger ones.

  • Foreign Policy

    A young woman in pink lipstick leans in to adjust the camera, but as she gives a nervous smile, a tear rolls down her cheek. Behind her is a photograph of two ...

  • Social Media Today

    Have you ever gone through and deleted certain posts from your social media profiles when applying for a job? You likely should - according to research, almost ...

  • NBC News

    TEHRAN — Iran may face increasing economic isolation due to U.S. sanctions, but millions of Iranians stay connected to the world through social media, despite ...


    Posting a "legal notice" to a social media account has no real effect on the social platform, either.

  • Walla Walla Union-Bulletin

    What would Sigmund Freud, the father of psychoanalysis who died 80 years ago, think of today's social media?

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