What is Search Engine Marketing?

Search engines are a complex beast that can acquire customers for your business. Leaping Frog Online provides search engine marketing strategies and executions in order for you to capture targeted traffic looking to do business with you online.

Search Engine Marketing

Our Search Engine Marketing services include:

  • Pay-per-Click Campaign creation and management
  • Search Engine Marketing Strategy formulation and execution
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • And, Search Engine Placement Reporting

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Web Design

Keeping your offline brand the same as your online brand is crucial in today’s marketplace. Customers consider your company‚Äôs website experience to be the same as interacting with the company offline. Designing your website to reflect your online brand is what we ensure.

Clean designs and easy navigation are the results of good web design.

Banner Advertising

Banner advertising is an effective and dynamic way to draw users to the most important pieces of information on your website.

The banner can be designed in flash to make it a standout feature.

Banner advertising will get your customers to click through to where you want them to go. It might be a new product or service that you want your customers to know about straight away.

Email Marketing

Opt-in Email marketing is a fast and effective way to communicate with your customers and potential customers. Accurate reporting and good database management are key elements to good email marketing. Leaping Frog online reports 48 hrs and 7 days after and email send and use and in-house tool to manage your database for opt-outs and bounces.

Web Streaming

With the advent of faster internet connections web streaming has become more viable tool for communicating with your audience. Our Web streaming has a synchronized PowerPoint presentation with video content and sound. We provide filming, editing and hosting service for your web stream.