Compelling Web Designing Solutions

Leaping Frog Online is a leader in the web designing and development of dynamic web-based solutions for firms.

Your website is your direct link to your customer. It is one of the most powerful tools you have to simultaneously capture the hearts, minds, and imaginations of a multitude of customers to drive them to your business offerings.

Your website allows direct access to your customers at their workplace or home, but they need a reason to stay at your site. Your customers need to see how you have used technology in an interesting and creative way to connect with them.

Our web designing services are expansive, from creative and interface design through to database design, back-end integration and e-commerce development. Our experience in web designing and development encompasses:

  • E-commerce Platform
  • Web-based CMSs
  • Knowledge management systems
  • Online community applications
  • Personalized portal apps

Web Desiggning

Extranets and Intranets

After the building a website, organizations need to consider other ways by which they can make the most of technology within their operations. An obvious but often ignored online strategy is the building of a direct channel to employees or suppliers via the one secure website.

We can work with you to develop a totally secure, password-protected Intranet (to communicate with all employees within your organization) or Extranet (to communicate with any third parties).

We can use existing or custom design new technologies to develop an Extranet or Intranet for your business that will increase your levels of communication, while cutting transaction costs.

We design this technology to improve internal information management, which in turn increases motivation and interest, while saving you time and money.

Shopping Carts

Online shopping carts are now an efficient and profitable part of many businesses offering their products over the net.

We develop our shopping carts so as to maximize the sales of your products.

The cart needs to be creatively designed, highly functional and easy for your customers to use.

We have serviced numerous companies wanting to make it easier for their customers to buy online.

Content Management Systems

Your site needs to be dynamic to win new business. A content management system will allow you to make changes to your web designing yourself.

These changes might include uploading new articles or newsletters, new images and information.

We will build you the infrastructure to allow you to make changes easily.

Enterprise Timesheet

Managing your company is all about managing your employees. Having an online timesheet system gives your employees the flexibility of entering their working hours whenever they want, no matter where they are. You, as the manager can then sit back and track their work in progress with the click of a mouse.

This system links several entities together to provide you a powerful solution for managing your company. It encompasses 6 main functionalities:

  • Employee Profile Management
  • Daily Timesheet with an easy to use calendar interface
  • Client Profile Management
  • Project Management
  • Payroll
  • Reporting


Increasingly, organizations are asking for e-learning tools to communicate with students, employees and customers.

E-learning applications can take the form of a guided tutorial or an interactive presentation.

Large and medium sized organizations use e-learning tools to train their staff, educate their students and engage their customers.

Leaping Frog Online will customize these tools to suit your organization’s needs.