Web Hub Hosting is one of the best web hosting sites for hosting a website that will perform well on the shared hosting in the long- and short-term.

Their lack of VPS and dedicated options can create scaling a problem. That being believed, they are sufficient for small websites that do not plan on looking tens of thousands of guests every month.

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 The Comprehensive Web Hosting Hub Review

What you do acquire from Web Hub Web Hosting is a dependable host through solid structures, including unlimited bandwidth and storage. You too get contact to their website constructor and eCommerce cart apparatus, though if your website hooks on, you can look for a better host finally.

Basic Features:

Web Hosting Hub moreover offers zero-downtime, free, website transfers, that is a boundless feature, but usually they are not a host to transfer to short of a price cutting amount thus it proves to be a cheap web hosting solution.

Web Hosting Hub is a fine host built on price, but it prepares lack some choices for larger websites. Through free website transfers as well as a 90-day money-back assurance, there is slight hazard in trying them.

It started providing more choices in early 2014 plus re-packaged the earlier “All-In-One Hosting Plan” keen on three dissimilar sets, namely Nirto, Spark, also Dynamo.


If you have a trade of any type, you require an excellence Web host which will let you form a site which promotes your services or products. Web Hosting Hub deals wallet-friendly charges, excellent consumer service, and well-enough shared hosting specs to contest with another host, the complete PCMag Editors’ selections for Web hosting facilities.

The Difficulty

The difficult is, if you ever strategy to increase to another sort of hosting—virtual server hosting (VPS hosting), dedicated server, otherwise managed WordPress—you will require to look to another place, as Web Hosting Hub only deals shared hosting.

Shared Web Hosting:

Web Hosting Hub deals three Linux built shared hosting sets: Nitro, Spark, and Dynamo. All plans derive with free website construction software as well as unlimited disk space, email accounts and monthly data transfers. The strategies are billed yearly; Web Hosting Hub wants monthly payments. This might not have ample (if any) influence on businesses; nevertheless, a cash-strapped blogger might not escalate the obstinacy. And that is correctly the sort of operator who needs shared Web hosting. HostGator, on another hand, deals time-to-time shared Web hosting strategies.

The Hosting Plans

This entry-level Spark strategy (beginning at $8.99 each month) comprises a free domain, the capability to host two sites, also 25 sub-domains. The minor business-friendly Nitro (beginning at $12.99 each month) ups the payment with the capability to host unlimited sites plus sub-domains. The maximum tier Dynamo (beginning at $16.99 each month) is planned for highly operated websites and as such, provides your website extra server capitals.

Web Hosting Hub Review

Like several extra budget hosting concerns, you can realize that the structures at the WHH are extra or less the similar – where you acquire to host unlimited sites by unlimited data transfers, unlimited disk storage, FTP accounts, unlimited webmail, MySQL databases, as well as one-click installation on maximum common CMS at a very reasonable price.

Those structures are okay for as low as $5/month host besides adequate for newbies.

However, they are the entire equal.

The hosting structures by all renowned brands are fair the same. It creates no sense to associate their webhosting structures.

Striking Features:

In its place of whipping on the dead horse repeatedly like another hosting review sites, you are going to listen something diverse. Something different which might move your judgment to go (or not) by the Hub:

One of the cheap webhosting servicesWebhosting Hub

Charge is the main cause why WebHostingHub, exactly the Spark Strategy, is suggested to newbies. Supposing that you order through the different promo link, you will pay $89.64 for 24 months’ payment. If you calculate, that is $3.74/month on usual.

This Hub is managed through InMotion

As mentioned, the concern WebHostingHub was recognized and presently managed by the similar management of a famous premium web hosting concern – the In-Motion Hosting.

This hub is one of the non-EIG brands

What maximum casual customers do not recognize, is that a lot of renowned web hosting suppliers are now possessed and managed by a huge business group called Endurance International Group. Matt Heaton does not possess Host monster and Bluehost any longer these days; the concerns now belong to EIG. The other concerns were retailed to EIG in the previous.

Many customer fines with this scenario – gaining is one of the maximum common methods to development in modern trade nowadays. Still, several webmasters do not like in what way hosting business is being controlled by large assistance. And for this cause, this creates the topic of review, WebHostingHub, a distinct one. This Hub is NOT possessed nor managed through the large International collaboration.

Full repay trial phase

The Hub deals the lengthiest full-refund trial phase in the trade – 90 days. Here’s a rapid association of WebHostingHub by other budget hosting products.

Not entire WebHostingHub charges are the equal.

Higher Discounts for Longer Periods:

Initially, the Hub Spark Plan is valued at $4.99/month as well as $3.99/month for 24- also 36-month payments. If you order WebHostingHub via their high-class discount link, the value will be $1.95/month for the initial three months plus $3.99/month aimed at the rest of the payment period.

The Hub is additional reliable than one expected. Rendering to the record, WebHostingHub is continually scoring 99.8% plus above – not the utmost, but still a satisfactory host if you issue in the price. What is also worth revealing is that the arranging and account activation procedure was remarkably quick and smooth. When you will first sign up, you will get your activation email, login details, in addition to hosting account prepared as soon as you completed payment. Such smooth changeover is vital particularly to newbies.

The Best around WebHostingHub:

Speedy highlights on the top about WebHostingHub.

Very reasonable for initial time consumers you have to pay only $3.74/month for a 24-month payment.

Excellent consumer support- In many circumstances, after-sales facility at cheap hosting companies sucks; nevertheless, that is not the circumstance at WebHostingHub. This Hub receives the decent practice as of In Motion Hosting as well as gives outstanding consumer support in both sales also technical.

Operator friendly + No down-time website migration- It is tremendously easy to arrangement a fresh site on Webhosting Hub. And more, WebHostingHub derives with an overwhelming feature – there is No Down-time Transmission. Operators who are changing as of another web host will acquire a temporary ‘platform’ to arrangement and test their websites before creating the real move (somewhat like the Performance Area at WP Engine).

Development security through w/such w/such is a website safety measure you do not frequently see in cheap hosting deals – vast plus point aimed at those who need extra site guards.

Reductions on added facility Dynamo and Nitro users acquire 20% and 30% discount correspondingly on the Hub’s web plan services.

90 Days (the Lengthiest) full repayment assurances- If you are hopeless with the package at WebHostingHub; you may just stop your account in the first 90 days besides demand for complete refund cash (apart from domain registration charges and SSL certificates charges if any).

Some Cons:

Restricted websites used for Spark Plan You may simply host two sites on the WebHostingHub Spark Hosting Strategy.

Fees on account holdup websites hosted on WebHostingHub aren’t holdup mechanically by default. So as to have your websites backed up at this Hub, you will want to pay $1 additional each month for this feature called “Automatic-Account-Backup”.

Luxurious renewal amount WebHostingHub Spark Strategy renews at $8.99/mo is marginally classy for a cheap hosting service, however if you register for 3 yrs straight then you will just have to pay $4.99 monthly.

Unlimited hosting will at all times be limited:

Earlier pledging into every Hub’s “unlimited hosting plans” (or another related hosting compacts), you have to be conscious of one object; there is nothing like unlimited hosting.

Uncertainty unlimited hosting website is the real choice then there is no cause why Google or NASA or Yahoo or Facebook! Need to spend millions of dollars keen on its server substructure. Does not sounds correct at all, do not you ponder?

Why to go with WebHostingHub?

Its Spark Strategy is a go. It is actually a no-brainer uncertainty you are:

  • Opening a blog aimed at the first time,
  • Going not further than 2 small-to-mid dimension websites at the similar time, and
  • Seeing for a reasonable yet reliable hosting provider

Little price tag, decent customer package, 90 days’ complete repayments policy, plus their high-class distinct discount link – those are the main factors which put the Hub keen on “Must-see Budget Hosting” angle.

Generally, it has a fresh ordering as well as onboarding procedure. Though, they tranquil do upsells. They largely impulse McAfee Email Spam Guard and their individual plans.

But what creates it a con for customer is the vague advantage of this Dynamo upsell. Dejected at the lowest of their Strategies page, they offer some imprecise insight of exactly how the Dynamo strategy is higher presentation – though that is not echoed at all in the structures table.


As per the services offered by Web Hosting Hub – we can say they are doing well and offering better services to the clients on low prices. Due to low cost they are one of the most preferred web hosting solutions. If you will go through different Hub Web Hosting reviews by customers then you will find that their clients are quite satisfied with them. You can find webhostinghub review on top customers’ feedback sites.

Web Hosting Hub Review
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